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called david petraeus. as a matter of fact, i had had an appointment with him at 3:00 that afternoon. that was canceled and so then when these questions came up i obviously took action myself to try to find out and then informed my vice-chairman and i talked to the director twice. this is very hard stuff. >> are you going to investigate why the fbi didn't notify you before? >> yes, absolutely. this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and the vice-chairman of both committees to -- this has happened before not with precise same things but none of the four of us have ever breached that confidentiality. >> let me ask you, you raise the hearings, and we are going to get into that in a moment but petraeus was supposed to testify in a closed hearing your committee will hold on thursday about the attack on benghazi. now because petraeus has stepped down his deputy now acting directory placement mike morrell is going to testify in his place. one are you going to insist o
services, inc >> chris: i'm chris wallace. a personal scandal forces c.i.a. director david petraeus is>> a personal scandal forced petraeus to resign. we will discuss the startling end to a brilliant career and look ahead to the congressional investigation to the terror attack in benghazi with the chairman of the senate intelligence committee diane fine stein. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then the new year will bring higher taxes and huge spending cuts unless a divided washington cuts a deal. we will talk with four congressional leaders who will play big roles in trying to find a compromise. republican senator and congressman tom price and democratic senator ken conrad. plus president obama looks ahead to a second term while republicans look to regroup. we will ask our sunday panel about what both sides need to do moving forward all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington on veteran's day when we honor the military for their service to our nation. sadly we begin with a dramatic fall from bragrace of one of th most respected military men of this g
and retired four-star general david petraeus stepped down friday after admitting to an extramarital affair. joining us now to discuss that and upcoming hearings on the deadlyer thor attack in libya is the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. >> chris: in a statement you said you understand petraeus' decision to resign but you wish president obama had not accepted that. after more revelations this weekend, do you still feel that way? >> i talked to dave petraeus twice on friday. he said to me you know i have done an egregiously dishonorable thing and i need now to do the honorable thing. when i thought about it and for me it's a heard break. i mean, i am very -- this is a truly bright man, a credible person, a great leader, and could have really been a super transitional figure for the c.i.a. this is very, very hard. i do think he did the right thing. >> chris: so now you accept that -- >> when you realize additional complications, which i did not at the time i spoke to him. i think he did the right thing. i
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)